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Love,Karma, and Chaos

Sometimes I log into facebook and I think to myself that my newsfeed is full of so much bullshit I cease to care about because it is mostly drama.Then I remember when I was a teenager that my own Public … Continue reading

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You paint a canvas with your fingertips Cover up all the mistakes Make sure every line is in place and it is perfection But your never really happy about it Something is never right You try to fix it so … Continue reading

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Living In the Fastest of Lanes.Needing some naked change.

What do you see in my eyes now but the sapphire coated turquoise puddles of mush that man has made these irony clad irises of insignificant,insecure,uninterested soulfulness.Have you tasted my uncaring enigma of raging passion.It flows fertile and fragrant.Wilder than … Continue reading

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The Autumn Awakening

The bright oranges,yellows,and red hues consume swaying autumn trees aligned with ivy spreading and splaying around there towering flesh.I see the pages turn in every direction as life grows into uncertainty and my words seem to fail me.Inside I know … Continue reading

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