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The Beginning Of It All

Snapshots shuttering chaos cursing in my head  Burning imagery stapled ,woven, and stitched upon the complexity complexion tattooing my pound of flesh  Conscious free-falling from that fissure fascinated by chemical in-balancing blasting canyons reminiscing my colluded catatonic state  I cast … Continue reading

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False Hope and A Fucked Love 

He lit my world with sexual loving vast celestial skies exploding with hues of electrified pigments  How they clung to my fierce flesh like a new ball gown carved in oblivions carved mystique Seems he couldn’t get enough of my … Continue reading

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Gloating Glacier

I see you walking away with that glacier gloating in your heartless irises Gave you everything  just to watch you swindle it away Your jigsaw puzzle emotional  distressing  on my wounded heart  They pushed until the permanence plastered a newfound … Continue reading

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Bitter End

My Cynosure, Cosmos,Conflate.As one we were astronomical and Panacea. Yet somehow I began to Brood in this Blaze of Beautified Passion Soon I was Desuetude.Disassembled.At this ending Epiphany. I could still feel that Scintilla but it soon fizzled into nothing … Continue reading

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In your bed of deceit

You were always that bright,burning beacon she saw with foolish ,ill fated ,and blinded loving emerald luminescence I was the devil she fled and left trapped in this empty bed of crucifying believing You whispered your acid in her ear … Continue reading

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Whispering Demon

Peril.Persuasive poses on your tattered mattress of mislead.Where you can collect the beauty remaining in the essence of my dreams. You hand me the matches and whisper deviously”Burn it all to the ground before it takes the flesh of your … Continue reading

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Dirty Dealings

Marvelous.Married.Moonlight.Mortified.Malicious.So delicious are your emptied reasoning .Alibis.And somber self destructive excuses Oblivious.Obliterated.Obedient.Offbeat.Overlooked.Outrageous.So Outlandish the way you lay the blame on me when she is screaming for answering Stupidity.Sarcastic.Scratchy.Sketchy .Second Hand.Serpentine.Shadowy.Shameful.Shady Telling You try to pass of as a way to … Continue reading

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