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Painted skies far from here Where the loneliness, vacancy , depression, anxiety, and insomnia can no longer congeal ,penetrate, and persuade isolating A dimension draped with salmon backdrops accompanied by translucent, luminescent, lavish moon tides swaying comfortably at dusk Blanket … Continue reading

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False Hope and A Fucked Love 

He lit my world with sexual loving vast celestial skies exploding with hues of electrified pigments  How they clung to my fierce flesh like a new ball gown carved in oblivions carved mystique Seems he couldn’t get enough of my … Continue reading

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The Passing Of The Phoenix

I rose from the ashes entrancing me so angrily  The abyss ripped seams of madness from my quilt of unquenchable  self destruction  The flames sweep the crescent of my fixiated flesh creeping across the brutality of the broken bones bleeding … Continue reading

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Chilled steel.He is and he was.She did and she won.Smoke rolling out the window of an old Mustang.Dead ends.Whispers.Emptiness.Bonnie and Clyde died so fast.Past.No future.No refunds nor returns.Get what you give.So many new faces.Faded towns.Promise of a wedding gown.Diamonds deadly.She … Continue reading

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Black Moon

Black moon rising upon the sand against the shore of nevermore where the little angels sleep and the whore’s dine with delicious wine.Among the forestry of innocence decor does the vines of vindiction ripen.A cry distant yet forever heard as … Continue reading

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Night Cold Dark and dead May the beast Within the darkness Consume thy soul For what is left Has gone with The cold October wind And only emptiness Remains My heart Bleeding black As the sun fades The world greys … Continue reading

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