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Recurring Nightmare

Clandestine, un-illuminated, cataclysmic, and nightmarish inky saturated sea rumbling, clamoring, crashing inexhaustibly. Multifarious depths limitlessly teeming with treacherous tentacles splicing, suctioning flesh from bone slurping greedily on unfortunate souls, victims of the desolate, dreary, nether dimensions. Scales slime ridden clutching … Continue reading

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Burning Learning

        I couldn’t let my heart fall away. All I knew twas death , self destruction, bloodied orange flame , and a victim to calculated mind games. Cursed carrion teeming with maggots, roasting rotten aroma of floundering … Continue reading

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Strengthened By Trial

Shivering sounds .I lost my pearl crown accented in all those diamonds dripping with youthful un-knowing as the horned cathedrals upon my head were bore among the best beasts of them all .My darkness crawled across the isolated, indifferent, insensitive, … Continue reading

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I often wonder if it is real..the sea of lies ..the world forever spinning..is any of the vague patterns of the universe truly attainable or are we all illusions plagued by eternal internal confusion.Our brains just instruments of happy smog … Continue reading

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Falling and Failing

Break your stones little angel.Feel the weight crush your crow crouched wings until the feathers mat with your dripping blood.The tendrils in your hardened heart begin to part as the ice shatters in sync with tethers of your tainted soul.Halo … Continue reading

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Fuck YOU!!!!Cheating Bastard

I still collect faded photographs of you and I sit here in your sweater just staring into the cruel lies you played a part so well in.The mascara running down my face reminds me of how ignorant I was to … Continue reading

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The Way I used to love you

You made me believe in all those sweet dreams. But when it all went bad suddenly I started seeing a side of you favoring treason. My heart began bleeding silently. Blood your blinded eyes could not see. Every breathe in … Continue reading

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